A racial justice vision board created by community members.

Community Engagement

Fueled By Love

The Center for Antiracism Research for Health Equity (CARHE, pronounced "care") was founded to name, research, confront, and ultimately dismantle structural racism to achieve health equity. That work—the work of antiracism—can be hard and heart-wrenching. But we keep doing this work because we are fueled by love

We are fueled by love for Black, Indigenous, and racialized people. We are fueled by love for immigrants, refugees, and asylees. We are fueled by love for queer, nonbinary, and transgender people. We are fueled by love for disabled and neurodivergent people. We are fueled by love for all people who are rendered vulnerable by structural oppression.

That love, and the bonds of community formed by it, helps us lead with love. And when we lead with love, we change the world.

In Community

Everyone has a role to play in the work of racism, no matter what their individual identities. At CARHE, for most of our team this work is deeply personal because many of our team belong to racialized communities. That's why CARHE wasn't founded to do research just for the sake of research, we were founded to authentically engage in community and lift up the work, leadership, and vision of the people we love.

Engage With Us

The work of antiracism is driven by community action. If you want to engage with us, please connect with us so we can work together toward the collective goal of health equity and racial justice.

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