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Mission & Values

Founding Mission

Structural racism is a public health crisis, but it is also a fixable problem. The Center for Antiracism Research for Health Equity (CARHE, pronounced "care") was founded to explore, understand, and ultimately dismantle structural racism. Our five guiding goals towards that ultimate mission are:

  1. Develop antiracist research to understand and measure the impact of racism on health.
  2. Foster authentic community engagement by convening researchers, practitioners, and community members to address the root causes of racial health inequities and drive real action for change.
  3. Develop education and training on structural racism, antiracism, and health inequities for students, public health professionals, and community members.
  4. Change the narrative about race and racism to one that does not hold up whiteness as the ideal standard for human beings.
  5. Serve as a trusted resource for public health agencies, policymakers, payers, and the media on issues related to racism and health equity.

Our Values

The work of antiracism is fueled by love. We are fueled by love for Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities, and in our work we aim to center and empower their voices, wisdom, resilience, and changemaking.

Racism inflicts a heavy health burden on people of color, yet they have persevered for more than 400 years and gained strength from community and connections. CARHE honors this strength and the knowledge that comes with it. 

We work in true partnership with the people who are most affected by racism and they form our research questions and agenda. Our fundamental goal is to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to be healthy and that every life is valued in the same way.

Black people are loved. We were made out of love. We show over and over again that love is the most powerful force on this planet. We are the embodiment of the power of love to persevere and to flourish. We have used love to heal and to find strength when we thought there was none. It is the love from and of our ancestors that will continue to nurture us in our time of need. And this love of ourselves and our community will hold us as we stand strong in the face of today’s challenges and tomorrow's triumphs.

Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH | Founding Director of CARHE
Taking Action

Everyone has a role to play in the work of antiracism. Learn more about how you can get involved in your own community.

Banner image: A fist raised in solidarity for George Floyd, via Clay Banks of Unsplash.

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