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Uplifting Antiracist Scholarship

At the Center for Antiracism Research for Health Equity (CARHE, pronounced "care"), we strive for healthy communities through antiracist health research and advocacy. We are proud of our curated Research Library, which features dozens of scholarly publications by our team, our collaborators, and trusted experts across the field. With our Recommended Readings, we hope to provide specific recommendations for our communities to deepen their understanding and learning on high-profile topics.

Our Recommended Readings was first inspired by Black History Month 2024. Black people and communities are worth celebrating every month, not just February! Reading Black scholarship is one way we can carry celebration of Black people throughout the year. Come back to this page as time goes on to see expanded sections of Recommended Readings!

Reads from Black History Month 2024

Black History Month is a time to honor Black historical figures and their achievements, to celebrate Black communities and joy, and to reaffirm our commitment to antiracism and racial justice. Though February should be a time of celebration, it is crucial to remember that Black people and Blackness should be celebrated every month! We welcome you to join us in carrying our celebration of Blackness past Black History Month 2024 by deepening your understanding of health equity and the experiences of Black communities in healthcare.

Explore these journal articles authored by scholars at CARHE and collaborators across the nation:

From a place of love: The experiences of birthing in a Black-owned culturally-centered community birth center

Roots Community Birth Center: A culturally-centered care model for improving value and equity in childbirth

Getting to the root: Examining within and between home health agency inequities in functional improvement

Association of residence in high-police contact neighborhoods with preterm birth among Black and white individuals in Minneapolis

Stress and mental health: A focus on COVID-19 and racial trauma stress

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