Toshira Garraway speaking to a crowd with her arms outstretched at a Justice for Amir Locke press conference.

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Everyone has a role to play in the work of antiracism. The resources below can help you get engagedself-educate, and practice self-care.

Ongoing Genocide in Gaza
The ongoing genocide in Gaza can feel paralyzing.

But we are NOT powerless. EVERYONE has a role to play in the work of antiracism.

Contact your elected representatives every day and tell them that a ceasefire in Gaza and aid to victims are your priorities.

Get Engaged

Ongoing Genocide in Gaza

National Engagement

Local Engagement


Ongoing Genocide in Gaza

It can feel paralyzing if you feel un- or undereducated on Gaza in this moment. 

  • Haymarket Books has made the ebooks on Palestine topic free and accessible for deeper learning.

CARHE's Scholarship

We recommend these selected articles from CARHE's researchers as an introduction to structural racism and health equity:

For more resources, browse our curated Research Library.

    Practice Self-Care

    National Resources

    Local Minnesotan Resources

    Banner Image: Toshira Garraway of Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence speaking at a Justice for Amir Locke press conference on Monday, February 7th at Minneapolis City Hall. The event was organized by Nekima Levy Armstrong and a coalition of Black Mothers and Women. Photo taken by Miamon Queeglay.

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